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Jonathan Swift
Swift, Jonathan; Sterne, Laurence
Jon Swift Jonathan ; Corbino
Gill Harvey Jonathan Swift
Jonathan and Laurence Sterne Swift
Jonathan Dean Swift
Swift, Jonathan. Sterne, Laurence
Vincent Buranelli
Gulliver, Lemuel [Swift, Jonathan]
Jonathan Swift Nextext
RACKHAM, ARTHUR. Swift,Jonathan
1667-1745 Swift
Jonathan Arthur Rackham Swift
Swift, Jonathan; Moss, Elaine
Kathleen Thompson
Johnathan Swift
Jonathan Swift and Richard Gravil
Jonathan Swift Martin Aitchison
Jonathan Swift Roberrt Louis Stevenson
Jonathan Swift's
Jonathan Swift; Editor-Ernest Rhys
Jr. Jonathan Swift Intro by Allen Klots
Jonathan Swift Sarah Willson
Swift / Stevenson
Swift And Sterne
Jonathan & Laurence Sterne Swift
Jonathan / Laurence Sterne Swift
Jonathan and Johann Rudolf Wyss SWIFT
Swift, Jonathan And Sterne, Laurence
SWIFT, Jonathan BROWNE, Gordon)
Jonathan Luis Quintanilla Swift
Swift, Jonathan Mossa, R. G.
Swift, Jonathan, Hodges, Margaret
Swift, Jonathan, Robert Louis Stevenson
Swift, Jonathan,Prue, Sally
Swift, Jonathan/Stevenson, Robert Louis
Swift, Jonathan; Dixon, Peter
Jonathan; edited by John Hayward Swift
Swift, Jonathan; Holmes, M. Dodge
Swift, Jonathan; Lang, John

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Swift, Jonathan retold By Arneson, D. J.
Jonathan, Illustrated By Erwin L. Hess Swift
Swift, Jonathan;Bawden, Edward, Lithographs
Swift, Jonathan & Leonard Weisgard (Illustrator)
Martin Woodside, Jamel Akib, Arthur Pober Jonathan Swift
Swift, Jonathan, and Gobin Stair (illus.)
Swift, Jonathan; Voltaire; Diderot, Denis
SWIFT, Jonathan (1667-1745)[Illustrated by BAWDEN, Edward].
Jonathan Swift, Peter Dixon, John Chalker
Swift, Jonathan. Illust. by Arthur Rackham
Swift, Jonathan; Eva Clift (illustrator)
Jonathan; Edited by Greenberg, Robert A. Swift
Jonathan & Stevenson, Robert Louis Swift
Stevenson, Robert Louis & Jules Verne, Jonathan Swift, Jack London
Stevenson, Robert Louis & Swift, Jonathan
Swift Jonathan, Carl Van Doren, Introdution
Swift, Jonathan - - Eichenberg, Fritz (Künstler)
SWIFT, JONATHAN with wood engravings by NAISH, THEODORE
Swift, Jonathan, and Martin, C Alan (Prepared for publication by)
Swift, Jonathan, Eddy, William Alfred, editor
Swift, Jonathan, Stevenson, Robert Louis
Swift, Jonathan; Gyorgy, Egri (translator)
[Swift, Jonathan] Louis, Frances Deutsch