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Jonathan Swift
Swift, Jonathan; Sterne, Laurence
Gulliver, Lemuel [Swift, Jonathan]
Swift, Dean (Jonathan)
Jonathan Arthur Rackham Swift
Kathleen Thompson
Hodges, Margaret, Swift, Jonathan
Jonathan Swift's
Swift, Jonathan. Eddy, William A.
Dorling Kindersley
Jonathan Swift Jeremy Paxman
Jonathan Dean Swift
Jonathan Swift Martin Aitchison
Pope, Alexander, Swift, Jonathan
Jonathan Swift Sarah Willson
Soens, A. Lewis; Swift, Jonathan
Stephen A. Stertz
Swift Jonathan William
1667-1745 Swift
Jonathan & Laurence Stern Swift
Swift, Jonathan (1667-1745)
Jonathan / Laurence Sterne Swift
Jonathan and Johann Rudolf Wyss SWIFT
Jonathan and Laurence Sterne Swift
Jonathan Luis Quintanilla Swift
Swift, Jonathan, Robert Louis Stevenson
Swift, Jonathan. , Sterne, Laurence
Swift, Jonathan/Stevenson, Robert Louis
Swift, Jonathan; Dixon, Peter
Swift, Jonathan; Holmes, M. Dodge
Walter Scott

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Swift, Jonathan retold By Arneson, D. J.
Swift, Jonathan Shane Leslie - Contributor. Alexander King - Illustrator
Swift, Jonathan and Rhead, Louis (Illustrator). Introduction by W.D. Howells
Swift, Jonathan; Voltaire; Diderot, Denis
Jonathan Swift, Albert Franklin Blaisdell
Swift, Jonathan Ill by Milo Winter : Illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg
Swift, Jonathan. Illust. by Arthur Rackham
Stevenson, Robert Louis & Jules Verne, Jonathan Swift, Jack London
Stevenson, Robert Louis & Swift, Jonathan
Swift, Jonathan and Arneson, D. J. (Adapt. ) Illustrated by Clift, Eva
Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745, 1878-1953, Ill
Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745, Gaston, Charles Robert, B. 1874
Swift, Jonathan, Adapted By Malvina G. Vogel
Swift, Jonathan, Eddy, William Alfred, editor
Swift, Jonathan, Retold By Martin Jenkins
Swift, Jonathan. , Voltaire. , Diderot, Denis
Swift, Jonathan/Real, Hermann J./Vienken, Heinz J
Swift, Jonathan; Gyorgy, Egri (translator)
Swift, Jonathan; Quintana, Ricardo (Introduction)
Swift, Jonathan;Richardson, Alan;Hawes, Clement