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Jonathan Swift
Jonathan Swift and S.C. Johnson
retold by D.K.Storer Jonathan Swift
Jonathan, Swift (Retold By)
SWIFT Jonathan
Swift, Jonathan; Weber, Mary

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Jonathan Swift
Swift, Jonathan / Lewis Carroll / Daniel Defoe / Louisa May Alcott
Edward W. Dolch, Marguerite P. Dolch & Beulah F. Jackson
Swift, Jonathan; Retold By Dolch, Edward W., Marguerite P. Dolch and Beulah F. Jackson
Marguerite P. Dolch, Beulah F. Jackson Edward W. Dolch
Edward & Marguerite Dolch & Beulah Jackson
Edward W. Dolch, Marguerite P. Dolch; Jackson, Beulah F.
Edward W.; Dolch, Marguerite P.; Jackson, Beulah F. Dolch~Billy M. Jackson
Eric Knight, J. Walker McSpadden, Jonathan Swift, Absjornsen and Moe, Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, Henry Frith
Johnson, S. C. , Jonathan Swift, Illustrated by L. T. Atherley
Rudyard Kipling, Washington Irving, Jonathan Swift
Swift, Jonathan; Dolch, Edward W.; Dolch, Marguerite P.; Jackson, Beulah, F., Illustrated by Vayssieres, Jean-Jacques