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Knut Hamsun
Hamsun, Knut; Worster, W. W.
Hamsun, Knut (W. Worster, M.A., trans.)
Knut (1859-1952) Hamsun

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Hamsun, Knut
Hamsun, Knut, 1859-1952,Worster, W. J. Alexander (William John Alexander), 1882-1929
Hamsun, Knut; Translated by W. W. Worster
Hamsun, Knut Translated From Norwegian By W. W. Worster
Hamsun, Knut; Translated from the Norwegian by W. W. Worster
HAMSUN, KNUT, Author: 1920 Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature
Hamsun, Knut Pedersen (Translated from the Norwegian By Arthur G. Chater)
Hamsun, Knut; translated by W.W. Worster