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Brothers Grimm
J. L. & W. C. Grimm
Jacob &. Wilhelm Grimm
Brothers and Arthur Rackham Grimm
Jiri Trnka
Alcott Louisa May
Brothers Grimm; Walt Disney
Jean; Brothers Grimm De Brunhoff
Frances Olcott
Christian Grimm Brothers and Anderson
Grimm, Brothers (Jacob) Grimm's
Illustrator-Arthur Rackham
Josef Scharl Brothers Grimm
Eve Morel
Ellen S Shapiro

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Brothers Grimm
Grimm, Jakob; Grimm, Wilhelm; Grimm Brothers
Grimm, Jacob Ludwig Carl And Grimm, Wilhelm
Brothers Grimm; Andresen, Hans Christian
Hans Christian & Brothers Grimm Andersen
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Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen
Brothers Grimm, Jakob, Wilhelm & Louis, Bryna Untermeyer (editors)
By the Brothers Grimm ( Jacob & Wilhelm ), Illustrated by Jean O'Neill in color, Introduction by May Lamberton Becker. In Translation by Lucy...
Grimm Brothers (Author). , Dobbs, Rose (Retold by)
Grimm Brothers. , Egan, Louise Betts (Retold by)
The Brothers Grimm [Grimm, Jacob & Wilhelm]
Andersen, Hans Christian/ Grimm, the Brothers/ Johns, Eric (Narrator)/ Patton, Laura (Narrator)
Brothers Grimm; Andresen, Hans Christian; Vosburgh, Leonard; Werber, Adele [Illustrator]
Brothers Grimm, Classic Retold By Patricia Martin Zens and Newly Illustrated By Charles Mikolaycak
Grimm Brothers (Author). , Crane, Lucy (translated by) Illustrated by Cover Ill
Grimm, Brothers (Jacob) Grimm's (Lucas, E.F. Mrs.; Crane, Lucy Edwardes, Marian Trans)
Grimm, Jacob, 1785-1863, Grimm, Wilhelm, 1786-1859, Wiltse, Sara E. (Sara Eliza), B. 1849
Grimm, Jacob, and Grimm, Wilhelm, and Dobbs, Rose, and Espenscheid, Gertrude E.
Andersen, Hans Christian & the Brothers Grimm
Brothers Grimm / Untermeyer, Louis & Bryna {selected & edited}
Brothers Grimm & Untermeyer, Louis and Bryna
The Brothers Grimm [Jacob Grimm - Jakob Grimm, 1785-1863; Wilhelm Grimm, 1786-1859.] Louis Untermeyer, 1885-1977 (Foreword) and Bryna Untermeyer,...
The Brothers Grimm | Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm | James R. Kern and Minna M. Kern (Editors)
Stead, W. T. [editor] and The Brothers Grimm illustrated by Brinsley le Fanu