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Henry Gray
Potamkin, Gail; De Caro, Matthew V.; Gray, Henry
C H Leonard
Leonard, C. Henri; Gray, Henry
Susan Standring
Carmine Clemente
Charles H. Leonard
Davies, D V And Davies, F (Eds. )
Henry edited by warren lewis Gray
Gray. Henry
Luther Holden Henry Gray
Thomas Pickering Pick Henry Gray
William Williams Keen Henry Gray
Standring, Susan; Gray, Henry

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Henry Gray
Henry Gray, author; Warren H. Lewis, et al, editors
Drake, Richard L.; Vogl, Wayne; Mitchell, Adam W. M.; Gray, Henry
Gray, Henry and Pick, T Pickering and Howden, Robert, Editors
Gray, Henry and Pick, T. Pickering (Ed. ) and Howden, Robert(Ed.
Gray, Henry; Goss, Charles Mayo (editor)
Gray, Henry; Warwick, Roger; Williams, Peter L.; Davies, David Vaughan
Gray, Henry (edited by T. Pickering Pick and Robert Howden)
Henry Gray Thoroughly Revised and Re-Edited with Additions by Edward Anthony Spitzka
Gray, Henry; edited by T. Pickering Pick
GRAY, Henry; with original illustrations by Henry CARTER
Henry Gray, Roger Warwick And Peter L. Williams