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James MacGregor Burns
David B. Magleby
J et al MacGregor Burns
Magleby, David B., Light, Paul C.
James M. Burns
Burns & Peltason
Dorothy Palmer
Burns And Peltason
Burns, James MacGregor Peltason, J. W.
Burns/ Peltason/ Cronin
Light, Burns, Peltason, Cronin
Magleby James MacGregor Burns
Palmer; Lee

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Magleby, David B.
Burns, James; Peltason, J. W.; Cronin, Thomas; Magleby, David B.
James Macgregor & Peltason, Jack Walter Burns
Burns, James MacGregor and Peltason, Jack W.
Burns, James MacGregor/ Cronin, Thomas E
David B. Magleby, David M. O'Brien, P James MacGregor Burns
J. W. Peltason, Thomas E. Cronin, James Macgregor
Burns, James Macgregor And Jack Walter Peltason
Burns, James MacGregor and Peltason, Jack Walter
Cronin, Thomas E., Magleby, David B., Peltason, J. W., O'Brien, David, Burns, James Macgregor
James MacGregor Burns, J.W. Peltason, Thomas E Cronin, David B Magleby, David M O'Brien
Magleby And O'brien / Light / Peltason / Cronin / Burns