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James MacGregor Burns
David B. Magleby
Burns, James, Peltason, Jack, Cronin, To
Jack W. Burns James M. & Peltason
Burns, J M Peltason, J W
James M Burns
James Burns
J.W. Burns; Peltason
Macgregor Burns, Cronin,
Burns, James Macgregor; Peltson, J.W.
James M. Burns
R L Et Al Lee

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Burns, James MacGregor; Magleby, David B.; O'Brien, David M.; Light, Paul C.; Peltason, J. W.; Cronin, Thomas E.
Thomas E. Cronin, Jack W. Peltason, James M. Burns
Cronin, Thomas E.; Burns, James M.; Peltason, Jack W
Burns, James Macgregor And Peltason, Jack Walter