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Augustin Theodor Christ Plato
Platon Plato
Plato Gonzalez Lodge
Plato und C. Fr. Hermann
Gottfried Stallbaum Plato
W. R. M. Plato/ Lamb
Alfred Gercke
Lane COOPER; Plato
Plato (Lane Cooper, Tr. )
Plato and Aristotle
Plato | Various Translators
Hermann Sauppe Plato
trs. L. Cooper Plato
Plato. Cope Edward
Plato; Platón
Plato; W. H. Thompson (Ed)
W.R. Lamb [Translator]

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Plato, Woolsey, Theodore Dwight, 1801-1889
Plato - Translated and edited by W D Woodhead with introduction by G C Field
Plato, Woolsey, Theodore Dwight, 1801-1889, Ed, Stallbaum, Gottfried, 1793-1861
Theodore Dwight Woolsey, Plato, Gottfried Stallbaum
Plato / Translated With Intrduction By W. C. Helmbold; Assistant Professor Of Classics The University Of California: A...
Plato,Mistriotes, Georgios, 1840-1916, ed
Plato; translated and introduced by Lane Cooper