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Hofstadter, Douglas RGödel, Escher, Bach An Eternal Golden Braid
ISBN 0465026850
Publisher: Basic Books, 1979
Basic Books. Very Good with no dust jacket. 1979. First Edition; Third Printing. Hardcover. 0465026850 . Signed copy of the third printing. No underlining or marks of any kind; no dust jacket. Front cover partially sun-faded. Hofstadter's dazzling romp arguing that self-referencial statements are key to understanding human consciousness. The then young Hofstadter was trying to answer the same question as Francis Crick, Christof Koch, Gerald Edelman, Tononi and others: how can the actions the...
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[United States]

Hofstadter, Douglas R.Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid. (Signed)
Softcover, ISBN 0394756827
Publisher: Vintage Books, New York, 1989 Reprint. Paperback, New York, 1989
Used - Very Good. Large 8vo. 16.5cm wide by 23.5cm high. pp xxi, 777. Large format paperback. Copiously illustrated in black and white throughout. Signed presentation from the author on half title page, 'To Malcolm, whether or not this proves relevant to Diderot, the Hermitage, Catherine the Great, and so on. Best, from Doug Hofstadter. April, 1997'. Sir Malcolm Stanley Bradbury CBE (7 September 1932-27 November 2000) was a British novelist ('The History Man') academic and writer on English...
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