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Edward Gibbon
Edward And D.M. Low Gibbon
Moses Hadas
Edward. D.M. Low Abridgement Gibbon
Edward Gibbons
Gibbon, Edward & Bowdler, Thomas (ed.)
Gibbon, Edward; Dawson, Christopher
Gibbon, Edward; Low, D.M
Gibbon, Edward; Tickner, F.W. (Ed.)
Edward Gibbon Henry Hart Milman
Edward Gibbon William Smith
Edward Gibbon; Editor-Britannica:
Gibbon, Edward (author and abridger)
Gibbon, Edward, ,Smith, William, Sir,
Gibbon, Edward, Esq.
Low D M
W. Gardiner (Translator)

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Gibbon, Edward; Introduction By Christopher Dawson
Gibbon, Edward & Smith, William (editor)
Gibbon, Edward; Robertson, J.M. (Introduction)
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. Edward Gibbon
Malcolm K. Graham (Author); Edward Gibbon (Author)
Gibbon, Edward; M.F. Guizot (preface & notes)
Gibbon, Edward, 1737-1794,Smith, William, Sir, 1813-1893
GIBBON, Edward: LOW, D. M. (Abridgement)
Gibbon, Edward; Dawson, Christopher (intro)
GIBBON, Edward~(Christopher Dawson, introd)
Edward Gibbon, intro by Christopher Dawson