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George Washington
Washington, George, 1732-1799,Fitzpatrick, John Clement, 1876-1940,Matteson, David Maydole, 1871-1949,United States George Washington Bicentennial...
Washington, George (John C. Fitzpatrick, Editor)
Washington, George; John C. Fitzgerald (editor)
George; edited by John C. Fitzpatrick Washington
Washington, George. Fitzpatrick, John C. (editor)
John C. Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick; John C. & Horatio Alger

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George Washington,Edited by John C. Fitzgerald
George (John C. Fitzpatrick, Editor) Washington
Washington, George Ed: Fitzpatrick, John C
Washington, George/Fitzpatrick, John C. (Editor)
George Washington and John C. Fitzpatrick ( Editor )
George. Washington
Washington, George and Fitzpatrick, John C. (ed)