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Helen Gardner
Tansey, Richard G.; De LA Croix, Horst; Gardner, Helen; Kleiner, Fred S.; Kleiner, Fred
Cohen, Keith; DeLa Croix, H.; Croix, Horst De La; Gardner, Helen
Kleiner, Fred S.; Mamiya, Christin J.
Helen. Revised edition by Horst de la Croix and Richard G. Tansey GARDNER
Fred S., Gardner, Helen Kleiner
Fred, Gardner, Helen, Mamiya, Christian J., Tansey, Kleiner
ARNASON, H.H. and, H.W. JANSON. and, HELEN GARDNER (revised by Horst de la Croix)
Horst De La Croix And Richard G. Tansey
De La Croix, Horst & Tansey, Richard G.
Mimiya Gardner
Kleiner F.S.
MA Helen Gardner

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Helen Gardner
Fred S. Kleiner, Christin J. Mamiya, Richard G. Tansey
Cohen, Kathleen, Tansey, Richard G., Mamiya, Christin J., Kleiner, Fred S.
Fred S.; Mamiya, Christin J.; Gardner, Helen Kleiner
GARDNER, Helen..CROSBY,Sumner McK.revised by
Gardner, Helen; De LA Croix, Horst; Tansey, Richard G
De La Croix, Horst And Richard G. Tansey-Revised By