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Aristophanes, Gilbert Murray (Transl.)
John Hookham Frere Aristophanes
Aristophanes Euripides
Aristophanes; Merry, W.W. (ed.)
Aristofanes] Aristophanes
Aristophanes de La Vallee Aristophanes
Aristophanes. Dudley Fitts (Illus.)
Aristophanes; W.C. Green (Ed.)
Frere; Hickie; Mitchell; Cumberland
Aristophanes (Ed. Moses Hadas)
Aristophanes / Barrett, David [Transl.]
Aristophanes Collector's Ed
Aristophanes HC slipcase
Aristophanes, (translator) B. B. Rogers
ca. - ca. B. C. Aristophanes
Benjamin Bickley Rogers
Dudley Aristophanes. Fitts
Euripides, Menander, Aristophanes
Aristophanes John Hookham Frere
Murray Gilbert James Arostp
Murray, G (Translator)
Burt Shevelove

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Aristophanes and Dudley Fitts (translator)
Aristophanes Translated By David Barrett
Aristophanes. Benjamin Bickley Rogers (translator)
Aristophanes) Frere, John Hookham (introd
Sophocles, Aristophanes, and Aeschylus Euripides
Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes
ARISTOPHANES ... translated into English rhyming verse by Gilbert MURRAY
Aristophanes,Aristophanes. Frogs. English,Hickie, W. J
Aristophanes,Frere, John Hookham, 1769-1846,Hogarth, D. G. (David George), 1862-1927,Godley, A. D. (Alfred Denis), 1856-1925
Aristophanes,Green, W. C. (William Charles), 1832-1914
Aristophanes,Paley, F. A. (Frederick Apthorp), 1815-1888
Aristophanes,Tucker, T. G. (Thomas George), 1859-1946
Aristophanes; William James Hickie translator and editor
Fitts, Dudley; The Aristophanes
Oates, Whitney J.; O'Neill, Eugene Jr (editors) (Aeschylus; Sophocles; Euripedes; Aristophanes)
LANDIS, Paul (editor). [Euripides; Sophocles; Aristophanes; Aeschylus]
ROGERS, Benjamin, Bickley (ARISTOPHANES)
Aristophanes, translated by David Barrett