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Joel Benton
Benton, Joel (Introduction by)
Volney, Merimee, Flaubert, Lamartine Scarron
Joel Benton Introduction Gustave Flaubert Count Volney Paul Scarron Alphonse De Lamartine Prosper Mermee
Benton, Joel, 1832-1911
Joel (Editor) Benton
Joel Benton (introduction)

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Benton, Joel (Introduction by); Paul Scarron, Count Volney, Prosper Merimee, Gustave Flaubert, Alphonse de Lamartine
Benton, Joel - Special Introduction and Biographical Notes
Scarron, Paul ; Merimee, Prosper; Count Volney; Flaubert, Gustave & De Lamartine, Alphonse) Benton, Joel (editor)