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Ayn Rand
Vahid Brown
Andrew Bernstein
Robert Mayhew
Eamonn Butler
Kenneth M. Gillam
Brooke Rollins
Charles S. McCoy
Shelley Wood Gauld
Charles R. Stone
A Rend
Hephaestus Books
Jean Herbert
Ganga Prasad
Allison D. Smith
E. Raymond Corey
Robert T. Munger
Alexandra York
Richard Blum
Douglas J Den Uyl
Donald Leslie Johnson
Sam Night
Jonathan Walden
Dorothy ROGERS
Janos Sipos
Charles River Editors
John E. Hubley
Jack Jacoby
China Millman
Rand, Ayn; Branden, Nathaniel
Patrick Sing
Alexander Campbell
author) [Paperback]
Isabel Baca
Eric D. Butler
Cox, Stephen; Kelley, David
Edmund Ferrell
Cardinal Peter et al Gerlier
Gerlier, Cardinal, et. Al
Hubley John E.
Lively, John, Ed
Peter Quennell
Rand Ann
Rand, Ayn; D. V. Kostygina (Translator)
Ray Stringham
Foresman & Company Scott
ZONGTSE Champa Thubten

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Ayn Rand , Moire Silk Endpapers, Coloured Frontispiece, illustrated by Victoria Vebell commissioned Exclusively for This Book
Rand, Ayn, Hurt (Editor), Christopher (Editor)
James E. Miller Jr.; Robert O'Neal; Helen M. McDonnell
Ayn Rand , blank endpapers , with special introduction by author
Rand, Ayn & Peikoff, Leonard -new Preface
Chaney, Earlyne C.; Chaney, Sita E.; Chaney, Robert G
James E. Miller Jr.; Robert O'Neal; Helen M. McDonnell; Angel Flores
(Omnibook Magazine) [Ernie Pyle + Ayn Rand + Elzabeth Hawes + Alexander Woollcott] [front cover art by Stephen J. Voorhies]