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Ayn Rand
Vahid Brown
Andrew Bernstein
Shelley Wood Gauld
Eamonn Butler
Charles R. Stone
Kenneth M. Gillam
Charles S. McCoy
Jean Herbert
Robert Mayhew
Alexandra York
E. Raymond Corey
Allison D. Smith
Ganga Prasad
Dorothy Rogers
Richard Blum
Uyl Den
Hephaestus Books
Donald Leslie Johnson
Source Wikipedia
Eric Sanders
Jonathan Walden
Helen Bartlett
Sam Night
Patrick Sing
Elizabeth Dummel
Jack Jacoby
James E. Miller Jr.
China Millman
Rand, Ayn; Branden, Nathaniel
Jason Silver
author) [Paperback]
Eric D. Butler
Cox, Stephen; Kelley, David
Cardinal Peter et al Gerlier
Gerlier, Cardinal, et. Al
Hubley John E.
Peter Quennell
Rand, Ayn; D. V. Kostygina (Translator)
Ray Stringham
Foresman & Company Scott
Vidor, King (director)

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James E. Miller Jr.; Robert O'Neal; Helen M. McDonnell; Angel Flores
Edited By Rollins, Brooke and Lee Bauknight
Ayn Rand , Moire Silk Endpapers, Coloured Frontispiece, illustrated by Victoria Vebell commissioned Exclusively for This Book
Ayn Rand , blank endpapers , with special introduction by author
Rand, Ayn & Peikoff, Leonard -new Preface
Chaney, Earlyne C.; Chaney, Sita E.; Chaney, Robert G
Edited By Hale, Gwen, Thomas Alan Holmes and Mike Mutschelknaus
Edited By Darowski, Joseph J. and Trixie G. Smith