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Alexander C. Martin
ZIM, Herbert & MARTIN,Alexander C
Zim, Herbert S. & Martin, Alexander C
Zim, Herbert Spencer, And Martin, Alexander Campbell, And Freund, Rudolf
Alexander C. Zim Herbert S.; Martin
A. C. Zim H. S. And Martin
S., Herbert; Zim, Alexander C. Martin
H.S. & A.C. Martin Zim
Herbert Spencer Zim
Hebert S.Zim & Alexander C.Martin
Alexander C Zim Herbert S; Martin
Herbert Zim; Illustrator-Rudolf Freund

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Herbert S. Zim Ph.D., Alexander C. Martin Ph. D.
Zim, Herbert S. and Alexander C. Martin with Rudolf Freund (illust.)
ZIM, Herbert GABRIELSON,Ira N. & MARTIN,Alexander C
Tansley, Arthur (Founded in 1902). - Alexander, I.J. / Ayres, P.G. / Briggs, D. / Dale, J.E. / Duckett, J.G. / J.F. Farrar / A.H. Fitter / J.R....
Zim Ph.D., Herbert S.; D., Alexander C. Martin Ph