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Marc Bloch
Marc. Translated by L.A. Manyon Bloch
Marc translated by L. A. Manyon Bloch

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Bloch, Marc
Bloch, Marc, translated from the French by L. A. Manyon, foreword by M. M. Postan
Bloch, Marc; Manyon, L. A. (Translated from the French by); Postan, M. M. (Foreword by)
BLOCH, MARC. Translated by L.A. Manyon. Preface by Jacques Le Goff
Bloch, Marc; Trans. By Manyon, L. A.; Foreword By Postan, M. M.
Bloch,Marc; B&W illustrations [Illustrator]
Bloch, Marc LeÃ? Ã'¿Ã'½opold Benjamin .