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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Michel Carre Jules Barbier
Charles Gounod
Jules Barbier
C. F. Macintyre
GOETHE, , Johann Wolfgang von
Johann Wolfg Goethe
Johann-Wolfga Goethe
Charles Goethe; Passage
Abraham Hayward
Johann Wolfgang Von 1749-1832 Goethe
Louis Macneice
E Trunz
United States. Congr

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VON GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang. Translated in the original metres, by Bayard Taylor
Barbier, Jules, and Carre, Michel, and Gounod, Charles
Johann Wolfgang Von; translated by Priest, George Madison; illustrated by Siebertz, Engelbert Goethe
Goethe, Johann W. & Bayard Taylor, Trans
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Constantine, David [Editor]; Constantine, David [Translator]; Constantine, David [Introduction]; Byatt, A. S. [Preface];
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Marlowe, Christopher; Eliot, Charles W
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, and Von Goethe-J W
GOETHE Johann Wolfgang Von Trsl Bayard Taylor
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Jarrell, R."
[Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von]; Webb, Thos. E. (translator)
GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von (Robert Maynard Hutchins, edited by)
VON GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang. Edited by Calvin Thomas
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ludwig Wilhelm Hasper
Phillips, Stephen, Professor, and Carr, Joseph Comyns, and Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Taylor, Bayard; von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. Priest, George Madison
Wolfgang Von Goethe, Johann and Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von and Farrelly, Dan
Mary Hanford Finney Ford (Creator), and Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (Creator)
Barbier, J. And Carre, M. (Book); Gounod, Charles (Music)
[ Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von ]. Schreiber, Carl Frederick, ed
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Pogany, Will [ - ] - Illustrator Hayward, Abraham - Translator
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von, and Claudy, Frank
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von, and Schmidt, Erich
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von, Pickerodt-Uthleb, Erdmute
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Atgkins, Stuart (Edited & Translated by)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Brenton, Howard; Weismann, Christa
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Hayward, Abraham (translator)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Passage, Charles E.
Gounod, Charles, and Barbier, Jules, and Carré, Michel
Gounod, Charles, and Fred Rullman, Inc (Creator)
Gounod, Charles;von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang (Poem); Barbier, Jules & Carre, Mich
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang and Anna Swanwick (trans)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von (trans George Madison
Albert George Latham, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Translated by Alice Raphael Eckstein with an Introduction for the Modern Reader by Mark Van Doren
[GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von] (Signed by the Artist)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Alice Raphael; Eugene Delacroix (illus
Jones, Randy; Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
Morley, Henry, and Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, and Marlowe, Christopher
Von Goethe J, and von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, and Bookcaps (Translated by)
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, and Clarke, Harry (Introduction by)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. , De Balzac, Honore
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Priest, G. M.
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Raphael, Alice (Translator)
Johann Wolfgang Von (1749-1832). Pogany, Willy (1882-) , Illus. Goethe