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Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Bayard Taylor
Goethe Johann Wolfgang Von 1749-1832
J.W. Von Goethe
Charles Gounod
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Goethe; Translator-Philip Wayne
Stephen Phillips
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Creator)
Jules Barbier
Anna Swanwick
Friedrich Schiller
Goethe / Morgan, Quincy (Translated By)
GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von & UNKNOWN.
GOETHE, , Johann Wolfgang von
Goethe, [Johann Wolfgang von]
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, Aldea, Dan
Goethe; Charles E. Passage (Trans. )
Charles Goethe; Passage
Johann Wolfgang Von (Priest Goethe
John Blackie
Phillips, Stephen, Professor
1810-1856 Schumann

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Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, and Wayne, Philip (Translated by)
[Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von]; Webb, Thos E (translator)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Fairley, B.
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, Christopher Marlowe (Charles W. Eliot - series ed.)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Marlowe, Christopher; and Eliot, Charles W. (ed)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Taylor, Bayard (trans
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Alice Raphael (translator)
Anna Swanwick, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ellen Frothingham
Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von); illustrated by Willy Pogany; translated by Abraham Hayward
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von (Priest, George Madison Trans) (Hutchins, Robert M. Maynard Ed). (Adler, J. Mortimer Assoc
[ Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von ] Schreiber, Carl Frederick, ed
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Pogany, Will [ - ] - Illustrator Hayward, Abraham - Translator
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Taylor, Bayard [translator]
GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von (Robert Maynard Hutchins, edited by)
Christopher Marlowe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Creator)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Christopher Marlowe
VON GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang. Translated into English by Bayard Taylor
Jones, Randy; Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Karl a Fiedler
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Professor Christopher Marlowe
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, and Fiedler, Andreas (Notes by)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. , De Balzac, Honore
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. Priest, George Madison
VON GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang. Translated in the original metres, by Bayard Taylor
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Marlow, Christopher
Barbier, Jules & Michel Carre (Book From Goethe's Poem, Part II By)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von & Clarke, Harry & Taylor, Bayard
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von & Kent, Rockwell
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von and Alice Raphael, Jacques Barzun
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, and Marlowe, Christopher, Professor, and Eliot, Charles W (Editor)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, and Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Atgkins, Stuart (Edited & Translated by)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Goethe, August von; Fiedler, H.G. (ed.)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Hayward Esq., A. (Translation, Notes, Etc.)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Hayward, Abraham (translator)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Priest, George Madison (trans)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Swanwick, Anna (translator)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; translated by Priest, George Madison; illustrated by Siebertz, Engelbert
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Translated, in the Original Meters, By Taylor, Baya
[Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von]: Frantz, Adolf Ingram:
[Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von]: Miller, R D
Goethe; Translator-Bayard Taylor; Editor-Stuart Atkins
Gounod, Charles;von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang (Poem); Barbier, Jules & Carre, Mich
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang and Christopher Marlowe; Charles W. Eliot (ed.)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von (trans Bayard Taylor).
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von (translated by Bayard Taylor)
GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von : translated by George Madison Priest
Goethe and Clarke, Johann Wolfgang von and Harry
C. F. MacIntyre, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Theodore Martin, Nathan Haskell Dole
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. A. Hayward (translator)
[GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von] (Signed by the Artist)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Taylor Bayard (trans.)
Marlowe, Christopher; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Ward, Adolphus William (intro.)
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Philip Wayne (Translator)
Robert Maynard Hutchins (Ed), Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, George Madison Priest
Selss, Albert [Ed]; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Stawell, F. Melian; Dickinson, G. Lowes; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Von Goethe J, and von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, and Alice Raphael (transl)
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, and Bookcaps (Translated by)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, and Clarke, Harry (Introduction by)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, And Taylor, Bayard (Translated In The Original Meters By), And Scenna, Anthony (Introduction By)
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, Hedge, F.H. (ed), and Miss Swanwick (transl)
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; MacNeice, Louis (translated by)
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Priest, George M. (ed); Weston, Karl E. (ed), and William Page Andrews (transl)