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Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Bayard Taylor
Charles Gounod
Abraham Hayward
J.W. Von Goethe
Jules Barbier
Erich Schmidt
Goethe / Morgan, Quincy (Translated By)
GOETHE, , Johann Wolfgang von
Goethe, [Johann Wolfgang von]
Johann Wolfg Goethe
Charles Goethe; Passage
Gotthold Lessing
John Blackie
Thomas Carlyle

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Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, and Wayne, Philip (Translated by)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Jarrell, Randall (Translator)
[Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von]; Webb, Thos E (translator)
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, Christopher Marlowe (Charles W. Eliot - series ed.)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Marlowe, Christopher; and Eliot, Charles W. (ed)
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Taylor, Bayard
Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von); illustrated by Willy Pogany; translated by Abraham Hayward
[ Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von ] Schreiber, Carl Frederick, ed
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, Heffner, Roe-Merrill S
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, MacIntyre, Carlyle Ferren, - , tr
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Taylor, Bayard [translator]
C. F. MacIntyre, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe; Christopher Marlowe
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Alice Raphael (Translator)
VON GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang. Edited by Calvin Thomas
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. , De Balzac, Honore
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. Priest, George Madison
VON GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang. Translated in the original metres, by Bayard Taylor
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Marlow, Christopher
Aristophanes; Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe; Edmond Rostand; Henrik Ibsen; Anton Chekhov; Eugene O'Neill; Sean O'Casey
Johann Wolfgang Von; Passage, Charles E. (translator) Goethe
Friedrich Schiller, Victor Hugo, Edmond Rostand Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von & Kent, Rockwell
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Pogany, Will [ - ] - Illustrator Hayward, Abraham - Translator
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, and Marlowe, Christopher, Professor, and Eliot, Charles W (Editor)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, Jarrell, Randall, - , tr. / Ss, Peter, - illus
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, translated by Bayard Taylor
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von/ Kirby, Margaret
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Atgkins, Stuart (Edited & Translated by)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Hayward, Abraham (translator)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Priest, George Madison (trans)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Taylor, Bayard (trans
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Taylor, Bayard Taylor--Trans; Atkins, Stuart--Revised, Edited/Intro
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; translation by Jarrell, Randall
[Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von]: Frantz, Adolf Ingram:
[Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von]: Miller, R D
Goethe; Macneice, Louis; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von
Gounod, Charles;von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang (Poem); Barbier, Jules & Carre, Mich
Jarrell, Randall; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von
[Jarrell, Randall]: Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von:
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang and Anna Swanwick (trans)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang and Christopher Marlowe; Charles W. Eliot (ed.)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang V; David Constantine
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von - translated by Alice Raphael
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Christopher Marlowe, edited by Charles W. Eliot, LL. D.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; George Madison Priest (tr.)
[GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von] (Signed by the Artist)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Alice Raphael; Eugene Delacroix (illus
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Taylor Bayard (trans.)
Marlowe, Christopher; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Ward, Adolphus William (intro.)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) JARRELL, Randall (translator
Robert Maynard Hutchins (Ed), Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, George Madison Priest
Stawell, F. Melian; Dickinson, G. Lowes; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, and Alice Raphael (transl)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, and Bayard Taylor (Translator)
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, Hasper, Ludwig Wilhelm
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Jarrell, Randall (Translator)
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; MacNeice, Louis (translated by)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Priest, George Madison (translator) ; Siebertz, Engelbert (Illustrator)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Raphael, Alice (Translator)
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Wayne, Philip (translator)
Johann Wolfgang Von (1749-1832). Pogany, Willy (1882-), Illus. Goethe