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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von
GOETHE,Johann Wolfgang von (priest,george madison trans) (HUTCHINS,Robert M. Maynard Ed).(adler,j.Mortimer Assoc
Louis Macneice
Goethe And Macneice
Macneice, Louis, Trans
Albert G Latham
Johann Wolfgang; Macneice Louis Goethe
Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Translated By Albert G. Latham

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Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von
VON GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang. Translated in the original metres, by Bayard Taylor
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Swanwick, Anna; Hayward, A.; Hedge, F.H. (editor)
Johann Wolfgang Von (Bruford, W.H.) Goethe
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Bayard Taylor (Translation; Anthony Scenna (Introduction)
VON GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang. Edited by Calvin Thomas.
Friedrich Schiller, Victor Hugo, Edmond Rostand Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Goethe Johann Wolfgang von; Latham Albert George
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von, 1749-1832, Latham, Albert George, 1864-
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von, 1749-1832, Latham, Albert George, 1864-1940
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von, And Latham, Albert
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Goethe, August von; Fiedler, H.G. (ed.)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Kaufmann, Walter
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von; Morgan, Bayard Quincy (translator)
Van Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Translated By Louis Macneice And E.L. Stahl