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Ivan Turgenev
Turgenev, Ivan (Translated By Rosemary Edmonds); B
Ivan; Tr. By Riachard Hare Turgenev
Ivan Turgenev, Richard Hare (Trans. )
Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883
Turgenieff, Ivan. (Turgenev)
Balzac, Homore; and Turgenev, Ivan
Ivan (Richard Hare, Tr. ) Turgenev

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Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev
Turgenev, Ivan; Hare, Richard (Translator)
Turgenev, Ivan; Neilson, William Allan, PhD [Series Editor]; Garnett, Constance [Tranlsator]
Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883, Hapgood, Isabel Florence, 1850-1928
Turgenieff [Turgenev], Ivan [Sergeevich]
Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883, Garnett, Constance Black, 1862-1946
Ivan Turgenieff ( Turgenev ), Isabel F. Hapgood
Turgenev, Ivan Serge) Pyman, Avril (trans)
Turgenev, Ivan - translated by Constance Garnett
Ivan Turgenieff [ Ivan Sergevich Turgenev, Tourgueneff ] ; translated by Isabel F. Hapgood.
Turgenev Ivan Sergeevich; Garnett Constance Black
TURGENEV, Ivan, translated by Constance Garnett: