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Lillian Schlissel
Schlissel, Lillian, Byrd Gibbens & E'beth Hampsten
Lillian; Byrd Gibbens & Elizabeth Hampsten Schlissel
L Et Al Schlissel
Schlissel, L., Gibbens, B., Hamsten, E.
Schlissel, Lillian; Gibbens, Bryd

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Schlissel, Lillian; Gibbens, Byrd & Hampsten, Elizabeth
Lillian; Gibbens, Byrd; Hampsten, Elizabeth Schlissel
Lillian; Gibbens, Byrd; Hampsten, Elizabeth; Foreword by Coles, Robert Schlissel
Schlissel, Lillian with Byrd Gibbens, Elizabeth Hampsten
Elizabeth Hampsten, Byrd Gibbens Lillian Schlissel
Schlissel, Lillian., Byrd Gibbens & Elizabeth Hampsten W/Foreword By Robert Coles