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Hans Christian Andersen
Baxter, Nicola; Andersen, Hans Christian
King, William, Andersen, Hans Christian
Unknown Author 51
ANDERSEN, Hans Christian, Fritz Kredel
Hans-Christian Andersen
Charles Robinson
Hans Christian (Tegner Andersen
Hans Christian Andersen; R. P. Keigwin
Hans Christian Andersen Martin Waddell
Susan Blackaby/ Hans Christian Andersen
William King

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Andersen, Hans Christian; Edited By Larsen, Svend; Translated By Keigwin, R.P
Andersen, Hans Christian; Larsen, Svend; (Ed)
Andersen, Hans Christian (Oscar Weigle, Ed. )
Brothers. Andersen, Hans Christian Grimm
Andersen, Hans [Christian]
Andersen, Hans Christian (adapted By Eve Morel), Illustrated by Simmone Baudoin
Andersen, Hans Christian & Larsen Svend (edited) & Keigwin, R.P. (translator
Andersen, Hans Christian And Retold By Black, Sheila
Andersen, Hans Christian and Helen Stratton
Andersen, Hans Christian; James Caraway [Illustrator]
Andersen, Hans Christian; Perrault, Charles Illustrated by Clark, Harry
DAN) AN TU SHENG (Hans Christian Andersen)
Hans Christian, Illus. By Harrison Weir, V. Pedersen, M. L. Stone, A. W. Bayes, And Others
ANDERSEN, Hans Christian & Charles Perrault
Andersen, Hans Christian & R.P Keigwin (translation)
Andersen, Hans Christian (translated From Danish by Mary Howitt.
Andersen & Hague (ed.), Hans Christian / Michael
Andersen, Hans Christian-Retold For Little Children, Illustrated By James Caraway
Andersen, Hans Christian; Svend Larsen (Ed); R. P. Keigwin (Trans); Elias Bredsd
Andersen, Hans Christian; Svend Larsen (Ed); R. P. Keigwin (Trans); Elias Bredsdorff (Intro)
HAGUE, Michael (artist) [Hans Christian Andersen]
Hans Christian & Larsen Svend (edited) & Keigwin, R.P. (translator Andersen
Hans Christian Andersen, Svend Larsen [editor] and R. P. Keigwin [translater] Illustrated by Vilhelm Pedersen