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Hans Christian Andersen
ANDERSEN, Hans Christian, Fritz Kredel
Hans Christian, Black, Sheila Andersen
Unknown Author 51
Grimm & Andersen
Hans Christian & Sheila Black Andersen
Brothers Grimm Hans Christian Andersen
Charles Robinson
Hague, Michael, Comp

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Andersen, Hans Christian; Edited By Larsen, Svend; Translated By Keigwin, R.P.
Andersen, Hans [Christian]
Andersen, Hans Christian and Helen Stratton
H. C. (Hans Christian), Andersen
Grimm, Brothers. Andersen, Hans Christian
Andersen, H.C.
Hans Christian.; Trnka, Jiri [Illustrator] Andersen
Hans Christian Andersen, Svend Larsen [Editor] And R. P. Keigwin [Translater]
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), ,Robinson, T. H. (Thomas Heath), , ill,Robinson, Charles, ill,Robinson, W. Heath (William Heath), , ill
Andersen, H. C., and Lewis, Naomi (Read by), and Davenport, Nigel (Read by)
Andersen, H. C.; Andersen, Hans Christian; Trnka, Jiri (Illustrator)
Andersen, Hans C. and Becker, May Lamberton.
Andersen, Hans Christian, Translated By Mrs E V Lucas and Mrs H B Paull / The Brothers Grimm
Andersen, Hans Christian; Larsen, Svend; (Ed)
Andersen, Hans Christian; Perrault, Charles Illustrated by Clark, Harry
Andersen, Hans Christian; Weigle, Oscar (Compiler)
Morel, Eve: Adaption By, Illustrated By Simonne Baudoin
ANDERSEN, H. C. (Hans Christian) 1805-1875
Hans Christian. Illustrated By Jiri Trnka. Andersen
ANDERSEN, Hans Christian & Charles Perrault
Andersen, Hans Christian (Oscar Weigle, Ed. )
Andersen, Hans Christian / edited by Svend Larsen / illustrated by Vilhelm Pedersen
Andersen & Hague (ed.), Hans Christian / Michael
Andersen, Hans Christian [translated By Jean Hersholt]
Hans Christian Andersen; Charles Perrault | Illustrated by Harry Clarke
Hans Christian Andersen; Paul Durand [Illustrator]
Andersen, Hans Christian Illustrator: Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson
Andersen, Hans Christian und James Caraway (Ill.)
Andersen, Hans Christian. Illust. by Fritz Kredel
Andersen, Hans Christian; edited by Svend Larsen; translated by R.P. Keigwin
Marianne Stagetorn Kolos; Hans Christian Andersen
Retold by William King by Hans Christian Andersen