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Michel de Montaigne
William Carew Hazlitt
Salvador Montaigne Michel (de); Dali
Charles Cotton
Kaiser, Walter (Ed. )
Montaigne. Michel Eyquem
Ives, George B. (Translator)
Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592
Michel de; Screech Montaigne
Montaigne; Sainte Beuve; Renan
Montaigne, [Michel de]
Charles Translator Cotton
Donald M. Frame
Donald M. Montaigne Edited By Frame
J Florio
Frame, Donald M. (Ed. )
Ives, George (Translator)
George B. Ives
Ives, George B., Translator
Michel de Montaigne [Ives translation]
Charles Cotton Michel de Montaigne
Pierre Coste Michel De Montaigne
Montaigne, Micel; Frame, Donald
Michel de; Peter Coste; Montaigne
Translated By John Florio Montaigne

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Montaigne, Michel De, And Frame, Donald Murdoch
Montaigne, Michel De, 1533-1592, Hazlitt, William, 1811-1893, Wight, Orlando Williams, 1824-1888
Erasmus, Desiderius; Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de
Montaigne, Michel de; Frame, Donald M. tr.; Berman, Eugene, illus.
Montaigne, Michel De, 1533-1592, Hazlitt, William, 1778-1830, Wight, Orlando Williams, 1824-1888
Montaigne, Michel De, 1533-1592, Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687
Montaigne, Michel De; Cotton, Charles (Translator); Hazlitt, W. (Translator); Bates, Blanchard (Introduction)
Michel De Montaigne, John Florio, George Saintsbury
Montaigne, Michel De, 1533-1592, Hazlitt, William, 1811-1893
Montaigne, Michel De, 1533-1592, Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library Of Congress) Dlc
Frame, Donald M. --(Translated And Edited By) / Michel Eyquem De Montaigne
Ives, George B. and Grace Norton [Michel de Montaigne Eyquem,
Montaigne, Michel De; Charles Cotton (transl.)
MONTAIGNE, Michel de | HAZLITT, William Carew | RIVIÉRE & Son, binders
Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592,Florio, John, 1553?-1625, tr,Cohn, Adolphe, 1851-1930, ed
Montaigne, Michel De; Cotton, Charles (Translator); Hazlitt, W. C. (Translator);
Montaigne, Michel de; Cotton, Charles, tr.; Dali, Salvador, ed.
Montaigne, Michel De; Ives, George B; Introduction by Andre Gide
de Michel de Montaigne , de lAcademie francaise, beautiful frontispiece, , minor rub blank endpaper, small pencilled dates on title pg, decorated...
De Montaigne, Michel / Ives, George B. {translated}
De Montaigne, Michel Translated By Frame, Donald and Edited By Adler, Mortimer J.
De Montaigne, Michel. Adler, Mortimer J. (Introduction and selector)
Montaigne; Frame, Donald M. (Translation And Editing)
Erasmus, Desiderius and de Montaigne, Michel Eyquem
Michel De (1533-1592). Cohen, John Michael (1903-) Montaigne
Montaigne, Michel de (trans. by George B. Ives)
Montaigne, Michel De (Translated By George B. Ives)
Montaigne, Michel de Illustrated by: Illustrated by Carol Wald
Montaigne, Michel De. Introduction By Andre Gide
Montaigne, Michel de; L.C.Harmer(intro.)
de MONTAIGNE, MICHEL EYQUEM. Translated by JOHN FLORIO. Foreword by Graham Swift
De Montaigne, Michel; Mortimer J. Adler (Introduction)
Montaigne, Michel De & Ives, George B. (translator)
Montaigne, Michel De ( Ives, George translator)
Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592. That we should not judge of our happiness until after our death,Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592. That to...
Montaigne, Michel De, And Florio, John, And
Montaigne, Michel de, Frame, Donald Murdoch, - tr
Montaigne, Michel de, translated by Charles Cotton
Montaigne, Michel de, Wald, Carol, Illustrator
Montaigne, Michel de; Cohen, John M. [Translator]; Cohen, John M. [Introduction]
Montaigne, Michel De; translated by Cohen, J. M
Montaigne, Michel De; Translation By Ives, George B.; Comments By Norton, Grace
Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de, edited by W. Carew Hazlitt
Translated And Edited By Donald M. Frame