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William Matthews
Donald C. Goertz
Paul Nixon Martial (Translator)
Martial Martial Paul Nixon
Walter C. A. Ker
J H Westcott (edited by); Martial
D R Shackleton Martial; Bailey
Martial; Goertz, Donald C. (translator)
Martial; Walter C. A. Ker (Trans. )
Valerius Martial
Martial, Bridge, Reginald Turle, Ed
Martial, Ker, Walter C. A
Goertz, Donald C. (Ed.) Martial
Humphries, Rolfe (Translator)
Martial Martial John Howell Westcott
Martial,Nixon, Paul, 1882-1956
Martial; Tr. By Donald C. Goertz
Pott, J A And Wright, F A
D R Shackleton Bailey
John Westcott
Walter Ker
Martial, And Mills, Barriss
Martial, Hay, William, Cowley, Abraham,
Martial, Nixon, Paul,
Martial, Valerius ; West, Alfred
MARTIAL. [HALHED, Nathaniel Brassey].
Martial.] [Anon.]
Pott & Wright
Pott, J.A.; Wright, F.A. (Translation)
Tacitus, Martial, Cicero, Ceasar
Westcott, J. H., Ed

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Martial, with an English translation by Walter C Ker
Martial, Frederick Apthorp Paley, William Henry Stone
Martial; Bailey, D. R. Shackleton (Ed; Trans)
Martial; Translated By J.A. Pott and F.A. Wright
[Martial], Marcus Valerius Martialis; [Catullus], Gaius Valerius Catullus; Tibullus, Albius; Propertius, Sextus; Gallus,...
Martial, Bridge, Reginald Turle, Lake, E. D. C. (Edward Douglas Cleverly)
ANON. Martial (Marcus Valerius Martialis)
MARTIAL ( Translated by J. A. Pott & F. A. Wright
J. A. & Wright, F. A. (Translators) Pott
Pott, J. A. And F.A. Wright (Translators)
Martial, Hay, William, 1695-1755, Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667
Martial, Hay, William, Translator, Cowley, Abraham, Author Of Afterword, Colophon, Etc
Martial, Humphries, Rolfe and Palmer Bovie
Martial. Paley, F. A., & Stone, W. H., Ed.
Martial; Selec. + Trans. By James Michie