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Wendy Pini
Barry Blair
Wendy Pini John Ostrander
Elizabeth & Wendy Pini Ceritelli
Richard Pini; Wendy Pini
Pini, Richard; Pini, Wendy
Wendy Pini; Ri
Pini Wendy / Richard Pini
Wendy & Richard Pini & Joe Staton Pini

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Auklandus, Joellyn; Pini, Wendy; Reyes, Lorraine; Blevins, Steve
Pini, Richard. Asprin, Robert. Abbey, Lynn. Editors. Wendy Pini, Cover Art. Anthony, Piers; Perry, Mark C., Cherryh, C. J., Wurts, Janny, Wold,...
Barral, Delfin, and Pini, Wendy, and Pini, Richard
John Ostrander & Wendy Pini [Story and Script]
Pini, Wendy; Pini, Richard; Reynolds, Kay (Editor)
Richard Pini [Illustrator]; Wendy Pini [Illustrator];
Theresa Robeson; Joellyn Auklandus [Editor]; Richard Pini [Editor]; Wendy Pini [Illustrator];