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Frank Herbert
Felix Salten
Frank Herbert J.D. Vinge
Etc Frank Herbert
Frank And John Schoenherr Herbert
Herbert, Brian; Anderson, Kevin J.
Frank and Kevin J. Anderson Herbert
Herbert, FrankAllen, L David
Herbert, FrankHerbert, Brian
Herbert, FrankMcNelly, Willis E.
Herbert, FrankCampbell, John W.
Anderson, Kevin J.;Herbert, Frank
Frank Editors; Herbert
C. L. Editors; Herbert Frank; Grant
Frank et All Herbert
Herbert, Frank, Silverman, Kirk

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Vinge, Joan D.; Lynch, David; Herbert, Frank
Analog (Frank Herbert; Hank Dempsey - Aka Harry Harrison; James H. Schmitz; Richard Grey Sipes; Christopher Anvil; John
Galaxy (Hayden Howard; Ernest Keith Taves; Frank Herbert; Damon Knight; J. W. Schutz; Bob Shaw; A. Bertram Chandler; Geo
Analog (Frank Herbert; Greg Bear; Hayford Peirce; Isaac Asimov; Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.)
Analog (Dean McLaughlin; Richard L. Davis; Christopher Anvil; Frank Herbert)
Analog (Frank Herbert; Randall Garrett; Walt & Leigh Richmond; Norman Spinrad; John Brunner; Ralph A. Hall)
Analog (Rick Raphael; Mack Reynolds; James H. Schmitz; John Brunner; Frank Herbert)
Analog (Frank Herbert; H. H. Morris; C. L. Grant; Herbie Brennan)
Analog (Frank Herbert; J. T. McIntosh; James H. Schmitz; Max Gunther; William F. Temple; Theodore L. Thomas; Richard P.
Analog (Keith Laumer; Herbie Brennan; Frank Herbert; Stephen Robinette)
A. E. Van Vogt, Larry Niven, Frank Herbe
Anderson, Kevin J.; Herbert, Brian; Herbert, Frank
Frank Herbert , born in in Washington state, $5. intact front Inner Flap DJ except last part of 5 is cutoff, blank endpapers X-LIBRARY, usual wear...
Herbert, Frank. (compiled by Dr. Willis E. McNelly)
Galaxy (James Blish; A. Bertram Chandler; Frank Herbert; Robert S. Martin; James Sallis & David Lunde)
HERBERT Frank & Mick Uhl & Richard Hamblen
Herbert, Brian;Anderson, Kevin J.;Herbert, Frank
Herbert, Frank & Bradbury, Ray & King, Stephen & Lennon, John
Herbert, Frank & Raphael,Rick & Reynolds,Mack & Brunner,John et al
Herbert, Frank DUNE, Chilton, first edition, vg+/near fine in like dust-wrapper save for light rubbing to the dust-wrapper spine, slight foxing to...
Herbert, Frank Isaac Asimov, Greg Bear, L Sprague De Camp
Herbert, Frank, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson. Special foreword by Bill Ransom
Herbert, frank, brian herbert, kevin anderson
Herbert, Frank: Schoenherr, John (Illus.)