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Boris Pasternak
Boris Leonidovich (1890-1960) Pasternak
B. Pasternak
LEAN, David (PASTERNAK, Boris)
Pasternak, Boris (1890-1960)
Bolt, Robert; Pasternak, Boris
Boris (1890-1960) Pasternak
Boris Alexander Alexeieff Pasternak
Boris Norman Green Pasternak
Borisguerney Pasternak

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Pasternak, Boris
Boris Translated by Max Hayward and Manya Harari Pasternak
Boris. Max Haywood and Manya Harari, Translators. Poems Translated Pasternak
Boris Leonidovich, Greer, Bill Pasternak
Boris Pasternak; Max Hayward [Translator]; Manya Harari [Translator]; Yevgeny Yevtushenko [Introduction]; Veronique Bour...
Pasternak Boris, Max Hayward, Manya Harari, translators
Pasternak. Boris; trans from the Russian by Hayward, Max; and Harari, Manya
Boris Leonidovich (1890-1960) - Related Names: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Pasternak
Boris. David Lean. Omar Sharif. Julie Christie Pasternak
Pasternak, Boris; (Translated By Eugene M. Kayden), Illustrated By Greer, Bill
Pasternak, Boris; translated From The Russian by Eugene M. Kayden
Doctor; Kayden, Eugene M. [Translator] Zhivago
LEAN, David (producer) & PASTERNAK, Boris
Pasternak, Boris / Donald Davie (trans., ed., & commentary)
Pasternak, Boris, Greer, Bill, illustrator. Kayden, Eugene M., translator
Pasternak, Boris, Harari, Manya. Hayward, Max
Pasternak, Boris; Hayward, Max and Harari, Manya [translators] illustrated by Veronique Bour
Pasternak, Boris; Kayden, Eugene M (trans ); Greer, Bill (illus
Pasternak, Boris; Kayden, Eugene M. (Translator)
Pasternak, Boris; trans from the Russian, Kayden, Eugene M.; drawings, Greer, Bi
Robert Bolt [based on the novel by Boris Pasternak