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Andre Maurois
Maurois, Andre; Miles, Hamish (trans.)
Zetland, Marquis (Editor)
Maurois, A. (H. Miles, Translator
Maurois, Andre; Hamish Miles (transl.)
Andre Hamish Miles Henri Peyre Maurois
Maurois, Andre and (Trans) Hamish Miles
Maurois, Andre; Hamish Miles (trans.)
André & Hamish Miles Trans. Maurois

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Andre Maurois
Maurois, Andre; Henri Peyre (Introduction)
Disraeli]; Maurois, Andre
Maurois, Andre translated by Hamish Miles
Maurois, Andrââ©, And Miles, Hamish (Translator)
Maurois, Andre & Hamish Miles & Daniel Patrick Moynihan
(Benjamin Disraeli) MAUROIS, André (Andre) Translated by Hamish Miles
Disraeli. - Maurois, Andre
Maurois, Andre. Translated by Henry L. Binsse and Gerard Hopkins
Maurois, Andre/translated From French by Hamish Miles
Disraeli, Benjamin; Marquis of Zetland (ed.); Maurois, Andre (fwd.)
Disraeli, Benjamin; The Marquis of Zetland, ed
Disraeli, Benjamin; The Marquis of Zetland, ed.; Andre Maurois, fore.