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Richard Wagner
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883
Chapin, Anna Alice, 1880-1920, Wagner, Richard
John Wagner Richard; Culshaw
Wagner, Richard; Meltzer, Charles Henry (English Version by)
Alfred Forman Professor Richard Wagner
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883,Forman, Alfred, 1840-1925. lbt
Alfred Forman
Wagner, Richard, and Forman, Alfred
Wilhelm Richard Wagner Joseph Bennett
Wagner, Richard Robb, Stewart
Cord, William O. (Richard Wagner)
Jameson, Frederick; Wagner, Richard
Nico Castel
R. Wagner
1813-1883 Wagner Richard
Wagner, Richard; Spicker, Max

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Anna Alice Chapin, Professor Richard Wagner
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883,Jameson, Frederick, tr,Klindworth, Karl
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883,Meltzer, Charles Henry, 1853-1936
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883, Meltzer, Charles Henry, 1853-1936, Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883. Ring Des Nibelungen. Walkãâ¼Re....
Wagner, Richard (W/Trans. By H. &F. Corder)
Wagner, Richard [and] Charles Henry Meltzer
Spero, James, Arthur Rackham; Richard Wagner
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883,Forman, Alfred, 1840-1925
Wagner, Richard, with Margaret Armour Illustrated by: Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
Wagner, Richard; Kleinmichel, R. (Vocal Score); Finck, Henry T. (Ed)