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Dan X. Solo
Alexander Nesbitt
Carol Belanger Grafton
Henry Shaw
Ludwig Petzendorfer
Mallory Pearce
Ed Sibbett Jr.
Erhardt D. Stiebner
Henry Lewis Johnson
Pat Russell
Ruth Booth
J. Christopher Herold
Barbara Christopher
Patricia Seligman
Percy J Smith
Mary Carolyn Waldrep
Misse Moeller
Noad, Timothy, Seligman, Patricia
Raymond Cohn
Blue Lantern Publishing
Ernst Lehner
Delamotte F. (Freeman)
Dover Staff
Ginger Edwards
L. Henry Johnson
Petzendorfer, Ludwig (ed)
Erhardt D. u. Dieter Urban Stiebner

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Cohn, Raymond And Estrin, Michael ( Collected By)
Lucien, Henry Montanell/Jewitt, Edwin/Wood, F.G.