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Giovanni Boccaccio
Boccaccio, Giovanni, J.M. Rigg (trans)
John Boccaccio
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375
Boccaccio, Giovanni; McWilliam, G. H
William Wise
Colin Bennett
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Payne, John
Richard Aldington
Aldington, Richard (Translator)
1313-1375 Boccaccio
Giovanni / Musa & Bondanella Boccaccio
Giovanni Lucian Zabel BOCCACCIO
Giovanni Chalon - Boccaccio
Giovanni. Richard Aldington. Boccaccio
John. Payne
Giovanni Literatur - Boccaccio
Payne, John (Translator)
Pietro Fanfani
W. Kelly (A Revised Translation By)

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Boccaccio, Giovanni; Payne, John (Translator)
Giovanni, George Henry McWilliam Boccaccio
Giovanni: Aldington, Richard (translator) Boccaccio
Boccaccio, Giovanni Illustrator: Illustrated by Fritz Kedel
Boccaccio, Giovanni, and Aldington, Richard
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375, Payne, John, 1842-1916
Boccaccio, Giovanni and Richard Aldington
Boccaccio, Giovanni W/trans. by G. H. McWilliam
BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, translated by RIGG, J. M. and illustrated by BROADHURST, FR
Boccaccio, Giovanni , with intro by Alfred Wallis
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Chalon, Louis [illus.]; Rigg, J M [trans.]
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Stothat, T [illus.]
Professor Giovanni Boccaccio, Charles Balguy
Giovanni (Trans By John Payne) Boccaccio
Boccaccio, Giovanni (translated by G. H. McWilliam. ) Illustrated by Clara Tice
Giovanni Boccaccio ( translated by J M Rigg
John Payne, Professor Giovanni Boccaccio
Pietro Fanfani, Professor Giovanni Boccaccio
Professor Giovanni Boccaccio, Adelbert Von Keller, Heinrich Steinhöwel
Boccaccio, Giovanni & De Bosschere, Jean - illustrator
BOCCACCIO, Giovanni : translated by Kelly, Walter Keating
Boccaccio, Giovanni and Blaisdell, Bob (Ed.
Boccaccio, Giovanni with Rigg, J. M., trans.; and Chalon, Louis, illus
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375, Payne, John, 1842-1916, Tr, Flameng, Leìopold, 1831-1911, Illus
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375, Payne, John, 1842-1916, Tr, Flameng, Leopold, 1831-1911, Illus
Boccaccio, Giovanni, and Aldington, Richard (Translated by)
Boccaccio, Giovanni, and Flameng, Leopold
Boccaccio, Giovanni, And Payne, John, And Flameng
Boccaccio, Giovanni, edited & with introd by Herbert Alexander, illust by Mac Harshberger
Boccaccio, Giovanni, Hutton, Edward. Kredel, Fritz, illustrator
Boccaccio, Giovanni, Payne, John, - , translator
Boccaccio, Giovanni, Trans. G. H. McWilliam
BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, translated by RIGG, J M and illustrated by CHALON, LOUIS
Boccaccio, Giovanni. & Grifalconi, Ann. (ILL.)
Boccaccio, Giovanni/ Trans. Aldington, Richard
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Bullock, Walter L. --Intro And Notes
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Edward Hutton, Introduction
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Hutton, Edward (intro.)
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Kelly, W.K.(trans.)
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Orson, S. W. (editor/translator); Wallis, Alfred
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Rigg, J. M. Faithfully translated by
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Singleton, Charles S., ed
Boccaccio, John. [Giovanni Boccaccio, Edward Hutton - Contributor. Fritz Kredel - Illustrator
BOCCACCIO. Giovanni ... translated By J. M. RIGG ... illustrated by Louis CHALON
Boccaccio, Giovanni & John Payne (translator)
Giovanni translated by John Payne Boccaccio
Boccaccio, Giovanni translated by Richard Aldington
Boccaccio, Giovanni und Herbert Hrsg. Alexander
BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. English Prose and Verse by John Payne. Illustrated by Teyssonnieres after paintings by Jacques Wagrez
Giovanni; John Payne (Translated from the Italian into English by) Boccaccio
Boccaccio, Giovanni; John Payne (Translator); Sir Walter Raleigh (Introduction)
Giovanni; Payne, John; O'neill, Jean Boccaccio
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Rockwell Kent (illust.); Richard Aldington (transl.)
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Translated by J.M. Rigg
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Translated by Richard Aldington; Illustrated by Jean De Bosschere
Boccaccio. Giovanni, Woodcuts by Joseph Narro