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Dante Alighieri
Kathryn Lindskoog
Dante Alighieri; Translated by John Ciardi; Introduction by Archibald T. MacAllister
Alighieri, Dante; Cary, Harry Francis (Translation); Walsh, Henry C. (Editor)
Alighieri Dante
Alighieri, Dante/Rev H F Carey [trans]
Dante/Rev H F Carey [trans] Alighieri
Alighieri, Dante / H. F. Cary, Trans

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Dante Alighieri
Alighieri, Dante; Dante Alighieri (Author); John Ciardi (A New Translation by); Archibald T. MacAllister (Introduction)
Alighieri, Dante, Translated by Rev. Henry Francis Cary, A.M
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321, Shadwell, Charles Lancelot, 1840-1919
Dante Alighieri, Henry Francis Cary, John Flaxman
Alighieri, Dante, and Mousouros, Constantinos
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321, Cary, Henry Francis, 1772-1844
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321, Pater, Walter, 1839-1894, Earle, John, 1824-1903, Shadwell, Charles Lancelot, 1840-1919. Tr,...
Dante Alighieri; Clara Stillman Reed (translator)
Dante Alighieri; Henry Francis Cary; Gustave Dore?
Dante Alighieri, Herny Francis Clay (Trans. )
Alighieri, Dante Eliot, Charles W. (Editor) Cary, Henry F. (Translator)
Auchmuty, Arthur Compton (Transl. ); Dante Alighieri
Shadwell, Chales Lancelot (Translator) Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri-Translated By Rev. Henry Francis Cary
Dante Alighieri. Cary, Henry F (Translated By); Eliot, Charles W (Series Editor).
Dante Alighieri, Translated By The Rev. Henry Francis Cary