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Cy Twombly
Robert (TWOMBLY CY). Pincus-Witten
Vincent Katz
Arthur Danto
Robert Motherwell
Simon Schama

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Twombly, Cy. (Art) Sylvester, David. (Text)
Barnett Newman, Joseph Beuys, Cy Twombly, Yves Klein, Jasper Johns, Chuang Tzu, David Sylvester
TWOMBLY, CY). Berggruen, Olivier & Malcolm Bull
Cy and Heiner Bastian Twombly
Art - Varnedoe, Kirk (Cy Twombly)
(Twombly, Cy) (Basquiat, Jean-Michel). P
Nicholas Serota; Richard Shiff; Nicholas Cullinan; Cy Twombly
Richard Howard; Cy Twombly; Contributor-Kirk Varnedoe
Art-Cy Twombly / Christopher Wilmarth / Joe Zucker
Art-Newman, Barnett / Beuys, Joseph / Twombly, Cy / Klein, Yves / Johns, Jasper
Twombly, Cy & Marjorie Welish
Art-Francis, Richard (Cy Twombly)
Art-Larsen, Susan C. (Cy Twombly)
Art - Lambert, Yvon, Sollers, Philippe (Cy Twombly)
Rondeau, James; Cy Twombly
Varnedoe, Kirk; Cy Twombly
[Twombly, Cy] Lambert, Yvon And Philippe Sollers
Del Roscio, Nicola; CY TWOMBLY
Art - Lambert, Yvon, Barthes, Roland (Cy Twombly)
Cy (1928-2011) Twombly
Laszlo Glozer, Cy Twombly (Photographer)
David Shapiro, Cy Twombly
Twombly, Cy; Katharina Schmidt
Twombly, Cy; Marjorie Welish
Heiner Bastian and Cy Twombly
Jà 1/4 rgen Fitschen, Cy Twombly, Margaret Schà 1/4 tte (Introduction)
Nesin, Kate; CY TWOMBLY
Yard, Sally; Cy Twombly;
TWOMBLY, CY). Davvetas, Demosthenes & Mary Jacobus
(Twombly, Cy). Vousden, Robin. Nicola Del Roscio, Editor
Twombly, Cy; Norden, Linda
Artist) Cy Twombly, (Author) Nela Pavlouskova
Art-Lambert, Yvon, Barthes, Roland (Cy Twombly)
Art-Lambert, Yvon, Sollers, Philippe (Cy Twombly)
Danto, Arthur; Edited By Nicola Del Roscio
Beuys, Joseph; Polke, Sigmar; Twombly, Cy
Twombly, Cy and Charles Olsen
Twombly, Cy; Jonathan Jones; Rainer Maria Rilke
Schneider, Eckhard (Editor); Joseph Beuys; Matthew Barney; Douglas Gordon; Cy Twombly
Harald Szeemann ; Wolfgang Laib ; Cy Twombly ; Michel Verjux
Norden, Linda & Cy Twombly
Rilke, Rainer Maria and Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, Cy Twombly
Text by Heiner Bastian (Cy Twombly)
Twombly, Cy / Del Rosario, Frisco
TWOMBLY, CY). Sylvester, Julie & Francesco Pellizzi
TWOMBLY, Cy, James Cuno (Intro).
TWOMBLY, CY. Roscio,Nicola Del. (Edited)
Twombly, Cy; with Kate Nesin essay "Eight Sculptures, Eight Bronzes"
Winkler, Paul & Mancusi-Ungaro, Carol-Essays; Sylvester, Julie & Del Roscio, Nicola-Eds