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Alexander Cruden
Roswell D. Hitchcock
Cruden, Alexander, and Eadie, John
Cruden Alexander 1699-1770
Cruden, Alexander, 1701-1770
Alexander (editor) Cruden
ed Cruden Alexander Eadie John
Alexa... Cruden
Alexander 1699-1770 Cruden
Alexander; edited by John Eadie Cruden
Eadie, John (Editor) Cruden, Alexander
John Edited By Eadie
Charles H. Wright
Charles H.H. Wright

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Cruden, Alexander
Cruden, Alexander; A. D. Adams; C. H. Irwin; S. A. Waters
Cruden, Alexander, 1699-1770,Eadie, John, 1810-1876, ed
Cruden, Alexander, edi ted by C H Irwin et al
CRUDEN, Alexander, edited & adapted by Charles H. H. WRIGHT, D.D.
Cruden, Alexander; Adams, A. D. and Others (edited by)
Cruden, Alexander; Adams, A.D. (editor); Irwin, C. H (Editor); and Waters, S.A. (Editor)
Cruden, Alexander; Adams, S. D. (Editor); Irwin, C. H. (Editor); Waters, S. A. (Editor)