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Piers Beirne
South, Nigel, Beirne, Piers
Beirne, Piers & Messerschmidt, James
Piers, Messerschmidt, James W. Beirne
Beirne, Piers, Colin Sumner (Edits).
P Beirne
Beirne, Piers ; South, Nigel [Eds]

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Piers Beirne
Russell Smandych (Editor), Russell Smandych (Editor), Piers Beirne (Foreword by) Nick Larsen (Editor)
Larsen, Nick, Dr. (Editor), and Smandych, Russell (Editor), and Beirne, Piers (Foreword by)
1. Chambliss, William J.; 2. Wall, Patrick M.; 3. Meyer, Robert G.; 4. Beirne, Piers and Hill, Joan; 5. Reckless, Walter C.; 6. Senzel, Howard T.