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Saint Augustine
Augustine, Saint; Winter, David
Mark Devries
Augustine, Saint & Gardiner, Harold C
W Rouse
Augustine [ Saint Augustine Of Hippo
Augustine; Sheed, F.J. (Translator)
St Augustine of Hippo
J. M. Lelen
Edited By John E. Rotelle
Saint Augustine David Winter
David A Augustine Saint) Mac Lennan
St Augustine from Heaven

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Augustine [ Saint Augustine Of Hippo ], & Pine Coffin, R S [editor]
Robert J. Edmonson, Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, Tony Jones
Saint Augustine - translated by Marcus Dods and J. F. Shaw
St. Augustine; St. Augustine Bishop of Hippo
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo,Shedd, William Greenough Thayer, 1820-1894, ed
Augustine, Saint; Hutchins, Robert Maynard (editor in chief)
Brown, Peter Robert Lamont, Sheed, F. J., Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo
Eliot, Charles W., Series Editor; (St. Augustine; Thomas A. Kempis)
PUSEY, E.B., translated by (Saint Augustine)
Saint Augustine, Robert Maynard Hutchins (Ed)
Saint Augustine; E. B. Pusey [Translator]; E. B. Pusey [Introduction];
St. Augustine; Edy Legrand [Illustrator]; J. G. Pilkington [Translator];
St. Augustine; Simon Brett (Wood Engravings) [Illustrator]; J. G. Pilkington [Translator]; Justin Lovell [Editor]; J. Enoch Powell [Introduction];