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John Gower
Gower, John, ?-,Pauli, Reinhold,
Gower, John, And Henry Morley, Editor
George Campbell Macaulay
J. Gower
John ( Edited By Henry Morley Gower
Gower, John) Bullon-Fernandez, Maria
Gower, John, ?-,Morley, Henry,
Gower, John; Minnis, A.J. (ed.)
John, ?-,Pauli, Reinhold, Gower
Langland - John Gower - Various
John ed. Henry Morley GOWER
Gower, John, and Macaulay, G C (Editor)
Gower, John/ Peck, Russell A. (Editor)
GOWER,John] Peck, Russell A.
Peck, Russell A. / Galloway, Andrew

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John (Translated into modern Eng. by Terence Tiller) Gower
GOWER, John. Edited by Dr. Reinhold Pauli
Gower, John, ?-. from old catalog,Pauli, Reinhold, , ed
Gower, John, ?-,Macaulay, George Campbell, . ed
Gower, John, 1325?-1408,Morley, Henry, 1822-1894
Russell A. Peck (Editor), Andrew Galloway (Translator)
Gower, John, 1325?-1408,Knust, Hermann, d. 1889,Birch-Hirschfeld, Adolf, 1850-1917
Gower, John, ?-,Knust, Hermann, d. ,Birch-Hirschfeld, Adolf,
Gower, John/ Peck, Russell A. (Editor)/ Galloway, Andrew (Translator)