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St. Thomas More
Saint Thomas More
More, St. Thomas; Headley, John
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint
Thomas More Daniel Kinney
More, Sir Thomas; Sylvester, Richard S.
Garry E. Haupt Thomas More
St. Thomas & Clarence H. Miller More
St. Thomas & Craig R. Thompson More
St. Thomas & Garry E. Haupt More
More, ST. Thomas, Thompsom, Craig R.;
St. Thomas; Editor-John Headley More
More, St. Thomas; Sylvester, Richard
More, Thomas (ed. Frank Manley et al)
More, Thomas. Garry E. Haupt, Editor
St. Thomas More Daniel Kinney
Richard S.; St. Thomas More Sylvester

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More, St. Thomas & Louis A. Schuster & Richard C. Marius & James P. Lusardi
St. Thomas More, Clarence H. Miller and Stephen M. Foley
More, ST. Thomas, ; Headley, John M.; Mandeville
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint/ Schuster, Louis/ Marius, Richard/ Lusardi, James
St. Thomas More Clarence H. Miller Leicester Bradner Charles A. Lynch
St. Thomas More, Clarence H. Miller (Editor), Stephen M. Foley (Editor)
St. Thomas More, Louis A. Schuster (Editor), Richard C. Marius (Editor), James P. Lusardi (Editor)
St. Thomas More; Editor-Professor Clarence H. Miller; Editor-Stephen M. Foley
More, St. Thomas; edited by Richard S. Sylvester
Thomas More, Clarence H. Miller, Leicester Bradner, Charles A. Lynch
Thomas More, Louis A. Schuster, Richard C. Marius, James P. Lusardi
Thomas More, Stephen Merriam Foley, C. H. Miller