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Izaak Walton
Andrew Lang
Charles Cotton
Izaak Walton & C. Cotton
RACKHAM, ARTHUR. Walton, Izaak
Izaak RackhamWalton
Izaak Fishing - Walton
Izaak, Cotton, Charles Walton
Peter Oliver
Rackham (Arthur), Walton (Izaak)
Izaak and Cotton. Charles Walton
Izaak Arthur Rackham WALTON
Izaak; Charles Cotton Walton

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Walton, Izaak
Walton, Izaak & Charles Cotton & James Russell Lowell (Introduction)
Walton, Izaak & Charles Cotton; Ed. Richard Le Gallienne
Walton, Izaak And Charles Cotton (Edited By Richard Le Gallienne)
Walton, Izaak and Charles Cotton [Isaak]
Izaak Walton; Arthur Rackham (Illustrator)
Walton, Izaak; Charles Cotton; Edmund H. New (Illust.)
Walton, Isaac [Walton, Izaak]; Cotton, Charles; Browne, Moses
Walton, Izaak (Isaak), Chales Cotton, and Sir Harris Nicholas
Izaak (1593-1683) Daglish, E. Fitch (Illus.) Cotton, Charles (1630-1687) Walton
Walton, Izaak (Edited By John Major; Illustrations By Ben Damman. )
WALTON, Izaak and Charles Cotton. Edited by John Major
Izaak And Charles Cotton. Edited By Richard Le Gallienne. Illustrated By Edmund H. New. Walton
IZAAK WALTON and CHARLES COTTON. P. H. EMERSON. Edited and arranged by R. B. Marston.
Walton, Izaak-Second Part By Charles Cotton
Izaak. Illustrated By Douglas W. Gorsline. Introduction By James Russell Lowell Walton
Walton, Izaak & Cotton, Charles & Venables, Robert
Walton, Izaak (1593-1683) Daglish, E. Fitch (Illus. ) Cotton, Charles (1630-1687)
Walton, Izaak - Pool, J. Lawrence & Pool, Angeline J.
Walton, Izaak And Cotton, Charles; Edited By Dewar, George A. B.
Walton, Izaak, and Charles Cotton, Illustrated by Boyd Hanna
Walton, Izaak, and Charles Cotton; John Major (editor)
Walton, Izaak; Cotton, Charles (Edited by R.B. Marston)
[Walton, Izaak]: Pool, J. Lawrence, and Angeline J. Pool:
Wood, Arnold. [Walton, Izaak, - ] [Cotton, Charles, -