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Saint Augustine
F. R. Montgomery Hitchcock
John Trans Saint Augustine /Healey
Augustine S
Saint Augustine St
S. Augustine
AUGUSTINE, SAINT (Various translators)
Saint Bishop of Hippo. Augustine
AUGUSTINE, Saint. (354 – 430)
F R. Montgomery 1867-1951 Hitchcock
Healey, J (Trans)
Philip Schaff
John Healey St Augustine
St. Augustine (d.i. Augustinus):
Strothmann, F. W. ( Edited By)

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Saint Augustine. Translated By Marcus Dods. Introduction By Thomas Merton
Augustine, Saint, Bishop Of Hippo, Hitchcock, F. R. Montgomery (Francis Ryan Montgomery), 1867-1951
Augustine, Saint; Strothmann, F. W. [editor]
St. Augustine ( Introduction by Etienne Gilson )
Augustine, Saint; Hutchins, Robert Maynard (editor in chief)
Saint Augustine; Translated And Edited By Dods, Marcus
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, and Strothmann, Friedrich Wilhelm
Saint Augustine / Barker, Sir Ernest (editor)
by Saint Augustine. Introduction by Thomas Merton, List of 367 ML titles on the inside of the DJ indicate a 1953 printing Of DJ.grey endpapers...
F. R. Montgomery (Abridged By) Hitchcock
Augustine (Trans By John Healey, Edited By R. V. G. Tasker)
SAINT AUGUSTINE; A new Translation by BETTENSON, HENRY with anintroduction by O'MEARA, JOHN
Saint Augustine; Ludwig Schopp; Roy Joseph Deferrari; Translated by Demetrius B. Zema & Gerald G. Walsh
Augustine, St (translated by Marcus Dods)