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Isaac Asimov
Isaac. Asimov
Asimov, , Isaac
Asimov, Isaac (Contributor).
Asimov. Isaac

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Isaac Asimov
Galaxy (Isaac Asimov; H. L. Gold; William Morrison; G. A. Morris; J. B. Woodley; Edward Wellen; Willy Ley)
Galaxy (Robert Sheckley; Michael Shaara; Stephen Arr; Winston Marks; Roger Dee; Isaac Asimov)
Asimov, Isaac, Robert Sheckly, Michael Shaara, Theodore Sturgeon, Fredric Brown
Galaxy (Alan E. Nourse; Theodore Sturgeon; Robert Sheckley; Edward Wellen; Fredric Brown; Isaac Asimov; Willy Ley)
Gold, Harold Galaxy Magazine Alfred Bester, Clifford Simak, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Frederic Pohl, Arthur C Clarke, Theodore...
Asimov, Isaac (Aka: Dr A, Paul French, C L Ray )
Asimov, Isaac ; and Asimov as "Paul French"