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Prosper Merimee
Theodore Kremer
MERIMEE, Prosper. (Lionel Lindsay)
Prosper Merimee and M.J. Tilby
Antoine Prevost and Prosper Merimee
Prosper.: Autor / Titel: Merimee
Merimee. Prosper
Merimée, Prosper; Blondheim, D. S., ed

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Merimee, Prosper
Merimee, Prosper, 1803-1870, Merimee, Prosper, 1803-1870, Symons, Arthur, 1865-1945
Daudet, Alphonse, Antoine Francois Prevost, and Prosper Merimee
Galsworthy, John and Ada, translators; H Meilhac and L Halevy, librettists; story by Prosper Merimee
Georges Bizet, Henri Meilhac, Ludovic Halevy and Prosper Merimee
HUGO, Victor, FLAUBERT, Gustave, STENDHAL, DUMAS, Alexandre, PREVOST, Antoine, MERIMEE, Prosper
Merimee, Prosper, translated by Edward Marielle
Prosper Merimee translated by Lady Mary Loyd; Winton Dean
Merimee, Prosper) Mary Lloyd (Lady) Trans
Merimee, Prosper) Mary Lloyd (Lady) Trans; Frontis & Others By Octave Uzanne [Illustrator]
GRUN Bernard (Arranged from the Music Of Bizet), MERIMEE Prosper, retold by MASCHWITZ Eric & EYTON Frank
M Rim E, Prosper (Creator), and Merimee, Prosper (Creator)
Merimee, Prosper, 1803-1870, Merimee, Prosper, 1803-1870. Carmen. English, Loyd, Mary, Lady, 1853-1936
MERIMEE, PROSPER, translated by GRIFFIN, RICHARD, with foreword by LINDSAY, PETE
Moody, John, Moody, Nell, Merimee, Prosper, Halevy, Ludovic, Meilhac, Henri, Bizet, Georges
Laurence; Merimee, Prosper Bunyan John; Sterne
Merimee, Prosper. Translated by Richard Griffin. Drawings by Lionel Lindsay
Merimee, Prosper; Introduction By V.S. Pritchett; Translated By Eric Sutton