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Karl Marx
Marx, Karl, Engels, Friedrich,
Leon Trotsky
Marx, Karl; Engels, Frederick
Karl; edited by Frederick Engels Marx
Karl and David Fernbach (trans( Marx
Marx, Karl; Edited By Engels, Frederick
Marx. Karl
ed Karl Marx; Frederick Engels
Karl; Engels Marx
1818-1883 Marx
Marx, Karl, Frederick Engels, editor
Marx. Karl. 1818-1883
Trotsky, Leon; Marx, Karl
Frederick Engels
Karl (1818-1883)" "Marx
Karl; Engels, F., Ed. Marx
Frederick Marx Karl And Engels
Marx, Karl ; Engels, Friedrich [Ed]
Karl and Friedrich Engles Marx
Marx, Karl, and Trotsky, Leon
Marx, Karl/ Engels, Friedrich (Editor)
Trotsky. Leon

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Marx, Karl, Moore, Samuel, Aveling, Edward Bibbins, Engels, Friedrich, Untermann, Ernest
MARX Karl, ENGELS Frederick, UNTERMANN Ernest
Marx, Karl, 1818-1883,Moore, Samuel,Aveling, Edward Bibbins, 1851-1898,Engels, Friedrich, 1820-1895,Untermann, Ernest
Marx, Karl Carl (Engles, Frederick Ed) (Moore, Samuel & Aveling, Edward Trans)
Marx, Karl; Frederick Engels (Editor), Samuel Moore And Edward Aveling (Translators)
Marx, Karl & Frederick Engles & Samuel Moore & Edward Aveling
Karl Marx; Frederick Engles [Editor]; Samuel Moore [Translator]; Edward Aveling [Translator];
Marx, Karl; Friedrich Engels (Editor); Samuel Moore, Edward Aveling & Ernest Untermann (Translators)
Marx, Karl. Translated By Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling. Edited By Frederick Engels
MARX, Karl, Eden Paul, Cedar Paul (Trans).
Marx, Karl; Fowkes, Ben [Translator]; Mandel, Ernest [Introduction];
Marx, Karl; Moore, Samuel; Aveling, Edward; Engels
Marx, Karl^Creator:Mandel, Ernest^Creator:Fernbach, David^Edition:3^NumberOfPages:1152
Marx, Karl^Creator:Mandel, Ernest^Creator:Fowkes, Ben^Edition:Reprint^NumberOfPages:1152
Marx, Karl (1818-1883) ; [edited by Frederick Engels ; revised by Ernest Untermann ; translated by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling]
Marx, Karl And Engels, Frederick (Editor)
Marx, Karl, and Engels, Frederick (edited by), and Moore, Samuel (translated by) and Aveling, Edward (translated by)
Marx, Karl, and Fernbach, David (Translated by), and Mandel, Ernest (Introduction by)
Marx, Karl, and Fernbach, David, and Fowkes, Ben (Translated by)
Marx, Karl, and Moore, Samuel, and Aveling, Edward Bibbins, and Engels, Friedrich, and Untermann, Ernest
Marx, Karl, and Paul, Eden (translator), and Paul, Cedar (translator), and Cole, G.D.H. (introduction)