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John Calvin
Kirk Freeman
Rev. John and John Calvin McNeill
Calvin, John, edited by Hugh T. Kerr
John T and Calvin Mcneill
Calvin, John {Allen, John, translator}
Calvin, John]; John T. McNeill, Ed.
John; Kerr, Hugh T., Editor Calvin
Calvin, John (John T. McNeill, Ed
Kerr, Hugh T., Editor
McNeill John T
McNeill, Rev. John; Calvin, John

See also:

Calvin, John; Beveridge, Henry (translator)
Calvin, John (John T. McNeill, Ed.; Ford Lewis Battles, Trans. )
Calvin, John & John T. McNeill & Ford Lewis Battles
CALVIN, John [ Jean Calvin Translated By John Allen
John Calvin, Translated by Henry Beveridge
John; Beveridge, Henry (translator) Calvin