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Bella Chagall
Chagall, Bella [Marc Chagall, Illus]
Chagall, Bella, and Guterman, Norbert
Bella [Marc Chagall, Illus] Chagall
Chagall Bella and Marc
Bella Marc Chagall (ill.) Chagall

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Chagall, Bella
CHAGALL, Marc (illustrates) Bella Chagall (text)
Chagall, Bella; Norbert Guterman, transl
Chagall, Bella Illust: Chagall, Marc Trans: Guterman, Norbert
Bella (1895-1944). Marc Chagall (Ill. ) Chagall
Chagall, Bella, and Chagall, Marc (illus.)