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Marco Polo
Polo, Marco, 1254-1323,Yule, Henry, Sir, 1820-1889
Henri Cordier, Henry Yule, Marco Polo
Polo, MarcoYule, Colonel Henry, Ed
Marco; Translated By Henry Yule Polo
Polo Marco Yule Henry Sir
Sir Henry Yule
Yule Henry Sir Polo Marco
Polo, Marco Trans: Yule, Henry
Yule, Henry, Translator & Editor
Polo, Marco, and Cordier, Henri
Yule, Henry (Trans. )
Henry And Henri Cordier Yule
Henry Colonel Yule

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Marco Polo
Polo, Marco, 1254-1323?,Cordier, Henri, 1849-1925,Yule, Amy Frances,Yule, Henry, Sir, 1820-1889
POLO (Marco)
Polo, Marco (Creator), and 1254-1323, Polo Marco (Creator)