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Margery Kempe
Kempe, Margery, Windeatt, B A [ed.]
Kempe, Margery; Skinner, John
John Kempe Margery; Version by Skinner
Margery and Tony D. Triggs Kempe
Margery; Edited by B A Windeatt Kempe
W Butler-Bowdon
KEMPE Margery (Ed Butler-Bowdon)
Kempe, margery ed. by windeatt, b.a.
Kempe, Margery]; Butler-Bowdon, W.
Margery; ed Barry WINDEATT KEMPE
Margery; Version By Skinner Kempe
Staley, Lynn (Ed. )
Translator Tony D. Triggs
Tony D. Trans Triggs
B. Windeatt

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Margery Kempe
Kempe, Margery; Windeatt, B.A.; Ellis, Alice Thomas
kempe, margery & B A Windeatt & Alice Thomas Ellis & Chris Daunt
Kempe, Margery, translated & with introduction by Barry Windeatt
Kempe, Margery; W. Butler-Bowdon; Introduction by R,W. Chambers
KEMPE, Margery) Early English Text Society, Original Series, no. 212 MEECH, Sanford Brown, Prof. (ed. with intro and glossary) ALLEN, Hope Emily...
Kempe, Margery; B.A. Windeatt [Ed.]; Alice Thomas Ellis [Preface]
Kempe, Margery; Ed. W. Butler-Bowdon; Introduction by R. W. Chambers
Kempe, Margery & Butler-Bowdon, W. With Introduction By R.W. Chambers
Kempe, Margery after ]; Butler-Bowdon, W (A Modern Version By); Chambers, R W (With an Introduction By)
KEMPE, Margery; trans Liz Herbert McAVOY